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November 11-12-2016


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6 Keynote Speakers

ABOUT THE SUMMIT / find out what's going on

The DAPS Global Summit is in its third year and was created as a space for junior healthcare professionals and students to present the work that they have been undertaking in their clinical environments in terms of quality improvement and audit. The Summit is a two-day conference steeped in innovation with guest speakers and many opportunities to learn from experts.  We will also be holding our third annual DAPS Global Awards for work undertaken by delegates.

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Summit Theme / aims and objectives

The theme for this year’s Summit is ‘Challenging Paradigms, Securing a Future‘. How can we change what we are doing to develop sustainable thinking for the future

Conference or Event Schedule / what's going on

Dr Imran Qureshi

Opening Keynote

Imran will be speaking about how we can challenge the current paradigms in healthcare for a better future.
Shafi Ahmed

Closing Keynote

Shafi will be discussing how he has managed to push the boundaries of Surgery to innovate in improving care.

Opening Keynote

IBM will be discussing how their work is pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare and challenging existing theories.
Byron Crowe

Closing Keynote

Byron who is a final year medical student will challenge the audience in breaking the perception that you have to be a senior qualified doctor to get things done.

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testimonials / What people thought of the Summit

Event Speakers / meet your keynotes

Imran Qureshi

Consultant Microbiologist

Imran is the head of DAPS Global and a Consultant Microbiologist

Byron Crowe

Medical Student

Medical Student, President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School, Emory Chapter

Shafi Ahmed

Consultant Surgeon

Consultant Surgeon, RCS council member, Associate Dean, Futurist, Innovator/Tech entrepreneur


Technology Company

IBM is an American multinational technology company, with operations in over 170 countries.

DAPS Global Awards 2016 / Recognising your fantastic work

We will be hosting our third annual DAPS Global Awards, recognising the fantastic work that junior healthcare professionals and students have been undertaking. An event not to be missed.

Event Price list / perfect price for event



Equivalent international levels
Students from all backgrounds



Equivalent international levels
All grades of Allied Healthcare



Equivalent international levels
NHS Managers welcome

Submissions / Poster, Oral & Awards

Please note that all submissions will be considered for oral and poster presentations. All submissions will also automatically be considered for one of the 2016 DAPS Global Awards and submitters will be informed if they have been shortlisted.

If you do not wish to be considered for an oral presentation or for an award, please do let us know using the contact form below.


Event FAQS / find your answers

There is no accommodation attached to the venue itself, but there are a number of hotels in the vicinity which if booked in advance are relatively inexpensive. We have provided a few options for your consideration.

Attendance at the Summit is strongly recommended for all delegates. A common question which we are asked is the whether there is a single-day delegate fee. Unfortunately we do not offer a single-day delegate fee. Given the audience, we have intentionally kept the delegate fee extremely low, given that at other conferences, you will be expected to pay £300 per day. CPD points will be allocated for both of the conference days and if they are not both attended, delegates will be unable to claim CPD points.

Another commonly asked question is regarding attendance at the Awards and not at the rest of the conference. If you or your team have been shortlisted, then this is possible, although you will need to pay £50 towards the cost of the Awards. Please do bear these points in mind.
Certificates will be issued to all delegates who attend the Summit. Individual certificates will be issued for poster presentations and oral presentations. Please note that if you have multiple submissions accepted, then you will not receive a certificate for each poster/oral presentation, but you will be issued with a letter in addition to your certificates which will confirm each of your poster/oral presentations. Winners of a DAPS Global Award and the runners up for each award will also be provided with certificates.

CPD points will be available to all delegates who attend both days of the conference. Unfortunately, CPD points will not be available for single-day attendance.
A common question that we are asked about the Summit is exact dates and times of presentations. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to provide final dates and times in advance of each presentation on account of various factors. We will endeavour to provide a specific day and time slot for each presenter a week in advance, but cannot always guarantee we will be able to do this.

Given that the Awards will take place on the Saturday, shortlisted presentations are given priority presentation on the first day of the Summit. This will not always be the case but is the rule in general. If you have any further queries, please do contact us at summit@dapsglobal.com or alternatively complete the contact form below.
For all Summit delegates who are bringing a poster, we offer a printing service for your posters. The cost of printing is £25 which includes delivery to the venue and we will assist you in putting up your poster.

It is not compulsory to use this service to bring a poster. Posters should arrive by the morning of the conference, and need to be displayed for the duration of the conference if delegates are to receive a certificate for poster presentation. Please direct any queries you may have to summit@dapsglobal.com, alternatively complete the contact form below.
There are many transport links to get to the venue and there is a substantial amount of parking at the venue which will be available for all delegates.

Please see the map below for the location of the venue and by clicking on 'Get Directions', it should take you to Google Maps so that you can enter your address of origin and receive appropriate directions.

Event Location

Trent Vineyard Centre,
Lenton Lane, Nottingham,


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